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This is the landing page for Cicilie Nilsen, aka. Ark Reynes. I am a fantasy and science fiction writer, and these are the places you can find me online.

Ark Reynes

Ark Reynes

Ark Reynes is the pen name I chose as a fantasy and science fiction writer. I’m working on at least three major projects right now, giving me a chance to explore different genres and writing styles. Wondering how Im juggling three projects and more? Check out my blog for more information on that, as well as other aspects of my life.

You can also find me on Facebook, and if you like my page you’ll be the first to know when I update my blog as well.


The Answer at the X

Siblings Isobel and Simon are on the last leg of a journey that started before they were even born. Faded words on a scrap of paper drove their parents to leave the safety of their home. To search for meaning in a dying mans words, and the note he left them.

«We tried too hard to save the world»

This short story was originally published under my real name, and later the publication was changed to reflect my pen name. You can buy it at Smashwords, or other online retailers such as Barnes & Noble.

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The Answer at the X

The Norwegian Book Blog

As an avid reader, I’ve had this blog for quite a few years. I post book reviews, recommendations, and other things about myself and my reading habits.

I read mostly science fiction and fantasy, but you will find the occational crime, thriller, or even realistic novel mentioned.

Note that this blog is in Norwegian only.



If you want pictures of amazing Norwegian nature, the cutest dog ever, random stuff, and the occational boring food picture, my Instragram is the place for you. If you’d rather skip the food and nature, and go straight to the dog, check out Moya’s Instagram instead. I won’t mind. Cause she’s adorable!


Worldbuilding Workshop

As worldbuilding is such a large part of my life right now, a large part of my blog is setting up posts and small workshops to help other writers with worldbuilding.

This is still something I am working on, so expect a lot more in the future.

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Worldbuilding Workshop